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publication Tuesday, Sep 25, 2018

Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights

Opportunities & Risks More

Ethics and Governance of AI publication Wednesday, Sep 5, 2018

Censorship and Collateral Damage

Analyzing the Telegram Ban in Iran More

Internet Health news Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018

Major upgrade for TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform

Education, Libraries, & Digital Humanities

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A screening of the film NETIZENS, followed by a panel discussion led by Kendra Albert, a clinical instructional fellow…

Saturday, Sep 29, 2018

Network Propaganda

The authors argue that longstanding institutional, political, and cultural patterns in American politics interacted…

Thursday, Oct 4, 2018

Paid Opportunities: Design Intern for Youth and Media at the Berkman Klein Center

The Berkman Klein Center’s YaM project is looking for a new team member with fresh ideas, serious curiosity, passion,…

Friday, Sep 14, 2018

Internet Monitor project seeking Research Assistant

The Berkman Klein Center's Internet Monitor project seeks a stellar part-time intern to work with us in Cambridge,…

Friday, Sep 7, 2018

From Our Community

The latest news and commentary from our community.

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How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump

To understand how digital technologies went from instruments for spreading democracy to weapons for attacking it, you…

Zeynep Tufekci

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018 Medium

Helping Global Policymakers Navigate AI’s Challenges and Opportunities

Giving policymakers practical steps to help close the many gaps they see in understanding how to deal with Artificial…

Ryan Budish

Monday, Aug 13, 2018 Medium

The Uncertain Effects of HTTPS Adoption on Access to Information Worldwide

The wider adoption of encrypted protocols for website delivery — HTTPS — could have uncertain long-term implications…

Casey Tilton

Thursday, Aug 9, 2018 Medium

Searching, Browsing, and Filtering Open Access Content in Digital Collections

A look at the user interfaces of 4 different online libraries

L. Kelly Fitzpatrick

Thursday, Aug 9, 2018 Medium

Filling the void Alex Jones left behind

How social media bans reshape the filter bubble

Jonas Kaiser

Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018 Medium

Dealing with an epidemic

Examining the unique socio-economic characteristics that affect how Small Islands States cope with health epidemics.

Ashveena Gajeelee

Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018 Washington Post

Don’t fear the TSA cutting airport security. Be glad that they’re talking about it.

Despite largely negative media coverage of the subject, it is a good thing that TSA is brainstorming ways to optimize…

Bruce Schneier

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018 Medium

Toward a safe and open Internet in Pakistan

Navigating and Understanding Digital Rights in Pakistan

Nighat Dad

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018

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Digital Health @ Harvard

The Digital Health @ Harvard collaboration brings together an interdisciplinary community of scholars, researchers,… More

Berklett Cybersecurity

The Berklett Cybersecurity project is a unique forum for discussing true and important, and often novel, facts, and… More

AGTech Forum

The AGTech Forum provides opportunities for collaborative engagement among state attorneys general, technology… More

Global Access in Action

Global Access in Action, a project of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, conducts… More

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is dedicated to exploring, understanding, and shaping the way we use technology.

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Ethics and Governance of AI

The rapidly growing capabilities and increasing presence of AI-based systems in our lives is raising pressing questions about the impact, governance, ethics, and accountability of these techn… More

Governance of Technology & the Internet

Networked technologies are complex, multi-layered, interdependent, and subject to multiple competing interests. Through original research and by creating connections between stakeholders, we work to… More

Privacy & Security

Privacy violations are a serious threat to the health of the Internet and the effective use of technology. We study how people understand their privacy as users of technology, examine and document the… More

Media, Democracy, & Public Discourse

The way we communicate online evolves and changes shape rapidly. Through research, the building of tools, and bringing together diverse viewpoints and underrepresented voices, we seek to examine, analy… More

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative seeks to support the evolution of AI in the public interest through research, community-building, and education.

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Computer Simulations to Enhance Vaccine Trials

Simulation and Deliberation to Prepare for Clinical Trials in Infectious Disease Emergencies (multiple joint projects… More

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

Re-Engineering Humanity

Re-Engineering Humanity brings a pragmatic if somewhat dystopic perspective to the technological phenomena of our age… More

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018

The State of Government Technology

On this US election day, we are pleased to take a close look at the inner workings of government, with a particular… More

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018

Custodians of the Internet

In this talk Gillespie argues that content moderation is not ancillary to what platforms do, but that it is essential,… More

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