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Our Copper Technology | Cupron, Inc.


Copper Based Technology

Cupron’s proprietary and patented technology harnesses the benefits and power of copper for healthcare, consumer, industrial, and military applications. We specify compounds, as well as the size, shape, and surface area of particles to achieve the desired effect.

Cupron’s technology is blended into the fiber or polymer at a specific concentration, similar to adding other additives like color or TiO2. There is virtually no change to existing manufacturing processes nor is special equipment required to incorporate Cupron technology into textile fibers, solid surfaces, or other polymeric materials. In addition, Cupron has a wide experience in optimizing the addition of Cupron to your specific manufacturing process.

This complete impregnation ensures that our technology remains embedded for the life of the product, unlike topically applied alternatives. Even when repeatedly subjected to the industrial laundering process, with high temperatures, high pH values, long cycles, and harsh chemicals, Cupron technology remains effective.

Cupron is deeply committed to an active research program in both laboratory and clinical settings. This commitment to research has deepened our understanding of not only the science behind our technology but also its most effective applications. To date our research program has directly resulted in the publication of over 30 scientific articles. This commitment to research remains active today.


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