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Welcome to the CommunityWiki! This is a wiki about communities both online and offline: Management, teaching, conflicts, mediation, and some tech talk about tools used for online communities are on topic. See MissionStatement for more. If you like what you see, take a look at WelcomeVisitors. If you want “same same but different” then WikiNode may have some alternatives for you.

We have:

The canonical URL for this site is [].

When you see an underlined link, that means the page is defined on MeatballWiki.

  • CategoryHomepage – namepages of contributors
  • CategoryThisWiki – pages dealing with this community, and pointers to the documentation for this wiki
  • QuickNotes – the page to post quick notes, when you’re not sure which page is most appropriate



  • CategoryMembership – how to treat members, benefits and drawback of explicit membership, dynamics of hidden cabals and inner circles
  • CategoryCreativity – how to foster it, what kills it
  • CategorySocialScience – the science of psychology and sociology
  • CategoryTransparency – some organizations are structured to achieve “transparency”, that is, to make what is going on maximally visible

Hypertext in General


Technological tools

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