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Diego Velázquez

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Diego Rodriguez
de Silva y Velázquez

Diego Velázquez. Self-portrait,
detail of Las Meninas. 1656-1657. Description Spanish painter Date of birth 6 June 1599 (baptised) Place of birth Seville Date of death 7 August 1660 Place of death Madrid

Portraits of Diego Velázquez[edit]

  • Self-portrait
    circa 1650 date QS:P,+1650-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P1480,Q5727902 . Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, Spain.
  • So-calledlabel QS:Len,"So-called" label QS:Lpl,"Tzw." Self-portrait
    Florence, Uffizi Gallery, «It does not seem to be a likeness of Velazquez or by his hand» (López-Rey). Rejected by all specialists.
  • An ecclesiastic
    Rome, Capitoline Museums. Regarded as a self-portrait by Curtis. Surely not by Velazquez.

  • Self-portrait
    Florence, Palazzo Pitti. Workshop picture.

  • Statue in Madridlabel QS:Len,"Statue in Madrid" label QS:Lpl,"Rzeźba w Madrycie" (C. García, 19th cent.).
  • Statue in Madridlabel QS:Len,"Statue in Madrid" label QS:Lpl,"Rzeźba w Madrycie" (A. Marinas, 1899).


  • Maria Anna of Spainlabel QS:Len,"Maria Anna of Spain" label QS:Lpl,"Maria Anna" label QS:Les,"Doña María de Austria, reina de Hungría"
    1630, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Infanta María Teresalabel QS:Len,"Infanta María Teresa" label QS:Lde,"Infantin María Teresa" label QS:Lpl,"Infantka Maria Teresa" label QS:Les,"Infanta María Teresa"
  • Felipe III on horsebacklabel QS:Len,"Felipe III on horseback" label QS:Lpl,"Filip III na koniu" label QS:Les,"Felipe III a caballo"
    1634-35, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Felipe IV in brown and silverlabel QS:Len,"Felipe IV in brown and silver" label QS:Lpl,"Filip IV w brązie i srebrze" label QS:Les,"Felipe IV en marrón y plata"
    1632, London, National Gallery
  • Prince Baltasar Carloslabel QS:Len,"Prince Baltasar Carlos" label QS:Lpl,"Książę Baltazar Karol" label QS:Les,"El Príncipe Baltasar Carlos"
    1634-35, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Prince Baltasar Carlos, huntinglabel QS:Len,"Prince Baltasar Carlos, hunting" label QS:Lpl,"Książę Baltazar Karol, polowanie" label QS:Les,"El Príncipe Baltasar Carlos, de caza"
    1635-36, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Baltasar Carlos in the riding schoollabel QS:Len,"Baltasar Carlos in the riding school" label QS:Lpl,"Baltazar Karol w szkole jeździeckiej" label QS:Les,"Baltasar Carlos en el picadero"
    1636-37, Private collectioninstitution QS:P195,Q768717
  • The cardinal-infant Don Fernando of Austria, huntedlabel QS:Len,"The cardinal-infant Don Fernando of Austria, hunted" label QS:Lpl,"Kardynał infant Don Fernando, polowanie" label QS:Les,"El cardenal-infante Don Fernando de Austria, cazador"
    1634-36, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Pedro de Barberana
    1631-32, Kimbell Art Museum

  • Juan Martínez Montañés
    1635-36, Madrid, Prado Museum

  • Don Sebastián de Morra
    1643-44, Madrid, Prado Museum

  • Conde-Duque de Olivares

  • Conde-Duque de Olivares
    1637-38, Palacio Real de Madrid

  • Juan de Pareja
    1650, Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Inocencio X
    1650, Galleria Doria

  • Menipo de Gadara
    1640, Madrid, Prado Museum

  • Aesoplabel QS:Len,"Aesop" label QS:Lde,"Aesop" label QS:Lpl,"Ezop" label QS:Les,"Esopo"

Other works[edit]

  • Old woman frying eggslabel QS:Len,"Old woman frying eggs" label QS:Lpl,"Stara kucharka" label QS:Les,"Vieja friendo huevos"
    1618, National Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Adoration of the Magi
    1619, Madrid, Prado Museum

  • The triumph of Bacchus (The drunks)label QS:Len,"The triumph of Bacchus (The drunks)" label QS:Lde,"Die Trunkenbolde oder Der Triumph des Bacchus" label QS:Lpl,"Triumf Bachusa (Pijacy)" label QS:Les,"El triunfo de Baco (Los Borrachos)"
    1628-29, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Apollo in the Forge of Vulcanlabel QS:Len,"Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan" label QS:Lpl,"Apollo w kuźni Wulkana" label QS:Les,"La fragua de Vulcano"
    1630, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Christ on the Cross
    1632, Madrid, Prado Museum

  • The Surrender of Breda (The Spears)label QS:Len,"The Surrender of Breda (The Spears)" label QS:Lpl,"Poddanie Bredy (Lance)" label QS:Les,"La rendición de Breda (Las Lanzas)"
    1635, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • The Coronation of the Virgin
    1641-44, Madrid, Prado Museum

  • Venus in front of the mirrorlabel QS:Len,"Venus in front of the mirror" label QS:Lde,"Venus vor dem Spiegel" label QS:Lpl,"Wenus z lustrem" label QS:Les,"La Venus del Espejo"
  • The family of Felipe IV (Las Meninas)label QS:Len,"The family of Felipe IV (Las Meninas)" label QS:Lpl,"Rodzina Filipa IV (Dwórki)" label QS:Les,"La familia de Felipe IV (Las Meninas)"
    1656, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • The fable of Arachne (The Spinners)label QS:Len,"The fable of Arachne (The Spinners)" label QS:Lpl,"Historia Arachne (Prządki)" label QS:Les,"La fábula de Aracné (Las Hilanderas)"
    1657, Madrid, Prado Museum
  • Sibyllabel QS:Len,"Sibyl" label QS:Lpl,"Sybilla" label QS:Les,"Sibyl"
    1630, Madrid, Prado Museum
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