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Editing Template:Motd/2019-10-21 (en) - Wikimedia Commons

Editing Template:Motd/2019-10-21 (en)

Jump to navigation Jump to search Group notice Please make sure the data used for the template matches the details in the page name. Details Relevant templates are {{Motd description}} (for pages of type Template:Motd/YYYY-MM-DD (xx)), {{Motd thumbtime}} (for pages of type Template:Motd/YYYY-MM-DD thumbtime), and {{Motd filename}} (for pages of type Template:Motd/YYYY-MM-DD).
{{Motd description|1=Life among the rubble in [[:en:Hiroshima|Hiroshima]] in M...|2=en|3=2011|4=05|5=08}} used on Template:Motd/2011-05-08 (en)
{{Motd thumbtime|1=330|2=2011|3=05|4=08}} used on Template:Motd/2011-05-08 thumbtime
{{Motd filename|1=Hiroshima_Aftermath_1946_USAF_Film.ogg|2=2011|3=05|4=08}} used on Template:Motd/2011-05-08.

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