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Chemistry Links On Commodity.Com: References, Teaching & Other Essential Resources -

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Everything you wanted to know about commodity trading.

Chemistry Links On Commodity.Com: References, Teaching & Other Essential Resources

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Last Updated on December 28, 2019



  1. Chemicool Periodic Table
  2. – a short video for each element produced by the University of Nottingham
  3. – chemical education digital library
  4. Printable periodic table
  5. American Chemical Society Publications
  6. The Orbitron
  7. – minerology database
  8. Materials Science
  9. Top Universities for Chemistry Degrees
  10. Science Direct – Explore scientific, technical, and medical research on ScienceDirect
  11. LibreTexts
  12. Chemistry forum
  13. Chemistry jokes
  14. Chemistry case studies
  15. ThoughtCo Famous Chemists – a list of famous chemists throughout history


  1. Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
  2. Jefferson Lab – chemistry teaching resources
  3. Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages – Chemistry teacher and author
  4. Chemistry teaching resources on safety and environment
  5. Chemistry revision tips
  6. Chemistry activities for kids
  7. Chem for kids
  8. A-Level Chemistry Revision Notes
  9. Lab safety
  10. Chemistry dictionary


  1. Royal Society of Chemistry
  2. American Chemical Society
  3. International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Chemical Supplies

  1. Chemical supplier directory
  2. WebElements – periodic table shop
  3. Sigma-Aldrich
  4. Fisher
  5. Alfa
  6. VWR
  7. Merck Millipore

Quizzes & Games

  1. Mahjong Chem
  2. Periodic Table Battleships
  3. Element Hangman
  4. Periodic Table Bingo
  5. Nobel Chemist Wordsearch

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