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CiteSeerX — The NUBASE evaluation of nuclear and decay properties∗


The NUBASE evaluation of nuclear and decay properties∗


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by G. Audia , O. Bersillonb , J. Blachotb , A. H. Wapstrac Citations: 1 - 0 self


    author = {G. Audia and O. Bersillonb and J. Blachotb and A. H. Wapstrac},
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This paper presents the NUBASE evaluation of nuclear and decay properties of nuclides in their ground- and isomeric-states. All nuclides for which some experimental information is known are considered. NUBASE uses extensively the information given by the “Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data Files ” and includes the masses from the “Atomic Mass Evaluation” (AME, second part of this issue). But it also includes information from recent literature and is meant to cover all experimental data along with their references. In case no experimental data is available, trends in the systematics of neighboring nuclides have been used, whenever possible, to derive estimated values (labeled in the database as non-experimental). Adopted procedures and policies are presented. AMDC:


decay property    nubase evaluation    experimental data    second part    recent literature    evaluated nuclear structure data file    atomic mass evaluation    experimental information

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