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Ridged atomic mirrors and atomic nanoscope (2006)


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by D Kouznetsov , H Oberst , A Neumann , Y Kuznetsova , K Shimizu , J-f Bisson , K Ueda , S R J Brueck


    author = {D Kouznetsov and H Oberst and A Neumann and Y Kuznetsova and K Shimizu and J-f Bisson and K Ueda and S R J Brueck},
    title = {Ridged atomic mirrors and atomic nanoscope},
    year = {2006}





Recent results on the reflection of waves from ridged mirrors are discussed. Numerical calculations, analytical estimates and the direct measurements of coefficient of specular reflection of atomic waves from solid-state mirrors are combined. The reflectivity is approximated as an elementary function of period L of ridges, their width ℓ, wavenumber K, grazing angle θ and effective depth w of the van der Waals potential. In a special case L = ℓ, the fit reproduces the reflectivity of flat surfaces. Our approximation allows us to optimize the L at given ℓ and estimate the maximum performance of a ridged mirror. Such a mirror is suggested as a focusing element for the nano-scale imaging system. 1.


atomic mirror    atomic nanoscope    numerical calculation    specular reflection    van der waals potential    focusing element    ridged mirror    analytical estimate    nano-scale imaging system    solid-state mirror    elementary function    flat surface    atomic wave    maximum performance    direct measurement    special case    recent result    effective depth

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