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CBSi Terms of Use

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CBS Interactive Mash Ups

Some Services may include “Mash-Up Tools” that allow you to manipulate Content or combine User Submissions with Content to create “Mash-Ups.” If there are no terms accompanying the Mash-Up Tools, the following terms will apply:

  • • You may only use designated Content with the Mash-Up Tools, and we may revoke permission to use the designated Content at any time.

  • • You may manipulate or combine the designated Content using the Mash-Up Tools only as authorized and only for non-commercial purposes.

  • • As between you and us, we own all compilation rights in the Mash-Ups and may make perpetual and unrestricted use of the Mash-Ups, and you will only retain whatever prior rights you had in your User Submissions.

  • • With our permission, other users of the Services may make subsequent Mash-Ups using your Mash-Ups.

  • • You must include any required or existing trademark, copyright or other legal notices in the Mash-Ups and you must comply with any other usage or attribution guidelines we provide.

  • • If we expressly allow you to do so, you may distribute Mash-Ups under the Viral Distribution guidelines in Section 4(a) of the Terms of Use.

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