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The Steps of Man Towards Civilization - Georg Oesterdiekhoff - Google Books

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The Steps of Man Towards Civilization

Georg Oesterdiekhoff BoD – Books on Demand, 2011 - 238 pages 0 Reviews This book delivers an introduction to the theory programme called structure-genetic sociology. I developed this theory programme in the past 30 years. In the meantime, I have written ten books and numerous articles about the subject. The programme mainly bases on developmental psychology and has worked it out to a theory of the evolution of humankind. It encompasses a theory of social change and social evolution, a theory of the development of economy, society, culture, sciences, religion, morals, law, and manners. The fact of the anthropological evolution of humankind from lower, childlike anthropological stages to more elaborated stages is the most groundbreaking and fascinating fact in all social sciences and humanities. It is the only phenomenon within humanities and social sciences whose relevance and importance corresponds to the fact of biological evolution provided by Darwin?'s evolutionary theory. This fact forms the kernel of the entire theory programme.Structure-genetic sociology is the theoretical heir of the outstanding classical approaches such as the classical sociologies, the classical British anthropology, the ethnology of Lucien L vy-Bruhl, the developmental psychology of Jean Piaget, and the philosophy of symbolic forms of Ernst Cassirer. We can understand these classical achievements only against the background of the more elaborated empirical foundations and theoretical structures of my structure-genetic sociology. It helps to verify, to correct, to develop, and to improve the best traditions of social sciences and humanities. Structure-genetic sociology formulates the essence of three hundred years of social sciences and humanities. Preview this book »

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Preface 7 Introduction 8 Overview on the content of the chapters 21 Classical and modern sociology facing the problem of social evolution 25 Developmental psychology as historical anthropology 40 Crosscultural empirical results on developmental stages 61 The understanding of numbers 76 The mystical understanding of the world 87 Ordeals and oracles 118 Death magic and mishap as doom 127 Nations on different stages of psychostructural development 133 Religion 147 Violence morals and customs 162 Foundations of social change and social evolution 176 Social evolution from stone ages to agrarian civilizations 186 The emergence of industrial society 192

MoreThe realistic understanding of dreams 91 Animism 96 Anthropomorphism and trials against animals 102 The belief in metamorphosis 110 Magic 112 Structuregenetic sociology as foundation to sociology and humanities 206 References 221 Books by the author 235 Copyright


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according adults Africa age of enlightenment ancestor worship ancient animistic anthropological levels anthropological summits Auguste Comte Azande behaviour believe childlike anthropological children and primitives China cognitive Comte concrete operations death described developmental psychology dream economic Elias Émile Durkheim empirical ethnographic Europe Evans-Pritchard explain formal operations forms ghosts gods Hallpike hundred years ago idea illiterate India industrial societies intellectual intelligence James Frazer Jean Piaget Karl Marx Lévy-Bruhl living logical lower anthropological Lucien Lévy-Bruhl Lurija magic Max Weber medieval modern humans modern populations modern societies mystical myths Norbert Elias numbers objects Oesterdiekhoff 2009 ordeals percent persons phenomena phenomenon philosophy Pirahã pre-formal pre-modern cultures pre-modern humans pre-modern populations pre-modern societies primitive cultures primitive societies psyche psycho-cognitive psychogenesis regard religion religious rise social evolution social sciences sociogenesis sociologists soul stage structure-genetic sociology structures theory of psychogenesis theory programme thinking traditional transl tribal societies understand universalistic anthropology Werner worldview

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