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Corrosion Tests and Standards: Application and Interpretation - Google Books

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Corrosion Tests and Standards: Application and Interpretation

Robert Baboian ASTM International, 1995 - Technology & Engineering - 764 pages 2 Reviews Preview this book »

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Page 757 good info on Ag corrosion!

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Title Page
Table of Contents


Introduction 1 Standard Terminology Relating to Corrosion and Corrosion Testing 7 Standard Abbreviations and Unit Symbols 14 Condensed Metric Practice Guide for Corrosion 21 Reference Potentials and Conversion Table 27 Densities of Metals and Alloys 33 Chemical Cleaning Procedures for Removal of Corrosion Products 45 Chapter 2Types of Data 59 Chapter 38Organic Liquids 448 Chapter 39Molten Salts 457 Chapter 40Liquid Metals 465 Chapter 41Corrosion Inhibitors 481 Chapter 42Corrosion Testing in In Vivo Environments 500 Chapter 43Microbiological Effects 509 Chapter 44Zinc 527 Chapter 46Magnesium and Alloys 537

MoreChapter 3Metallographic Analysis 66 Chapter 4Surface Analysis 76 Chapter 5Statistical Treatment of Data Data Interpretation and Reliability 83 Chapter 6Computer Based Data Organization and Computer Applications 89 Chapter 7Electrochemical Tests 107 109 Chapter 8Cabinet Tests 131 Chapter 9Immersion Testing 139 Chapter 10HighTemperature and HighPressure Corrosion Testing 147 Chapter 11Atmospheric 159 Chapter 12Seawater 170 Chapter 14Soils 183 Chapter 16HighTemperature 194 Chapter 17Uniform Corrosion 205 Chapter 18Pitting 213 Chapter 19Crevice Corrosion 221 Chapter 20Galvanic 233 Chapter 21Intergranular 244 Chapter 22Exfoliation 266 Chapter 23Erosion Cavitation and Fretting 273 Chapter 25Environmental CrackingStress Corrosion 289 Chapter 26Environmental CrackingCorrosion Fatigue 302 Chapter 27Hydrogen Damage 322 Chapter 28Outdoor Atmospheres 343 342 Chapter 29Indoor Atmospheres 349 Chapter 30Seawater 362 Chapter 31Freshwater 380 Chapter 32Soils 389 Chapter 33Concrete 405 Chapter 34Industrial Waters 413 Chapter 36Petroleum 425 Chapter 37HighTemperature Gases 434 Chapter 47Aluminum and Alloys 547 Chapter 48Steels 559 Chapter 49Copper and Alloys 565 Chapter 50Nickel and Alloys 580 Chapter 52CobaltBase Alloys 591 Chapter 53Titanium 598 Chapter 54Zirconium and Hafnium 613 Chapter 56Metallic Coatings on Steel 621 Chapter 57Nonmetallic Coatings 632 Chapter 59Electrodeposits 656 Chapter 60Powder Metallurgy PM Materials 664 Chapter 61Automotive 673 672 Chapter 62Commercial Aircraft 687 Chapter 63Military Aircraft and Associated Equipment 695 Chapter 65Highways Tunnels and Bridges 706 Chapter 66MarinePiers and Docks 716 Chapter 67Electric Power 722 Chapter 69Steam Generation 738 Chapter 70Flue Gas Desulfurization 746 Chapter 71Electronics 754 Chapter 72Telecommunications 762 Chapter 73Metals Processing 769 Chapter 74Chemical Processing 779 Chapter 75Pulp and Paper 795 Chapter 76Petroleum Production and Refining 812 Chapter 77Food and Beverage 822 Chapter 79Medical and Dental 834 Chapter 80Pharmaceutical 846 LIST OF CORROSIONRELATED STANDARDS 851 865 Copyright


Common terms and phrases

accelerated acid alloys aluminum alloys analysis anodic applications aqueous ASTM G ASTM International ASTM Standards ASTM STP atmospheric attack behavior biofilm carbon cathodic chemical chloride coatings components concentration copper corrosion inhibitor corrosion products corrosion rate corrosion resistance crevice corrosion dealloying determine diffusion effects Electrochemical Society electrode electrolyte environment environmental Evaluation exposed exposure factors fatigue film flow galvanic corrosion galvanic couple hydrogen Hydrogen Embrittlement immersion increase intergranular ions Journal liquid metal load localized corrosion magnesium mass loss materials measurements mechanical ment metal surface monitoring NACE International nickel occur oxide oxygen particles passive performance phase Pitting Corrosion polarization resistance potential pressure procedures reaction rosion salt sample scan seawater simulate sion soil solution specific stainless steel Stress Corrosion Cracking sulfate sulfide sulfur sulfuric acid susceptibility techniques temperature Test Method tion variables velocity West Conshohocken zinc

Bibliographic information

Title Corrosion Tests and Standards: Application and Interpretation
Volume 20 of ASTM manual series
Volume 20 of ASTM manual series: American Society for Testing and Materials
Volume 20 of American Society for Testing and Materials: ASTM manual series
Volume 20 of Manual Series Editor Robert Baboian Publisher ASTM International, 1995 Length 764 pages Subjects Technology & Engineering  › Metallurgy

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