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English Vocabulary Elements - Keith Denning, Brett Kessler, William R. Leben, William Ronald Leben - Google Libros

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English Vocabulary Elements

Keith Denning, Brett Kessler, William R. Leben, William Ronald Leben Oxford University Press, USA, 2007 M02 17 - 320 páginas 1 Comentario Fascination with words-their meanings, origins, pronunciation, usages-is something most of us experience at some point. This book aims both to fuel and to satisfy that fascination.The book is based on a course that each of the authors helped to develop at Stanford University over the past twenty years. The aim of the course was to help students master English vocabulary and to provide the fundamentals for pursuing an interest in English words. To this end, the book offers a detailed but introductory survey of the developments that have given English a uniquely rich vocabulary, taking into account both the changing structure of the language and the historical events that shaped the language as a whole. Anyone who believes that changes in the language are robbing it of its elegance or expressive power will see this view challenged by the developments described here.At the core of the book are a set of several hundred vocabulary elements that English borrowed, directly or indirectly, over the past fifteen hundred years, from Latin and Greek. These elements, introduced gradually chapter by chapter, provide a key to understanding the structure and meaning of much of the learned vocabulary of the language.The chapters trace the history and structure of English words from the sixth century onward, laying out the major influences that are still observable in our vocabulary today. Each chapter ends with a large number of exercises. These offer many different types of practice with the material in the text, making it possible to tailor the work to different sets of needs and interests.Upon finishing this textbook, students will be able to penetrate the structure of an enormous portion of the vocabulary of English, with or without the help of a dictionary, and to understand better how an individual word fits into the system of the language.This second edition incorporates improved and refined text as well as examples and exercises, with thorough revision of pedagogy as a result of their significant classroom-based expertise. The new edition also updates cultural references, accounts for variations in pronunciation among students, and clarifies when historical details are important or peripheral. Vista previa de este libro »

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English Vocabulary Elements

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Excellent book for nonEnglish native speaking people and for anyone who wants to speak write and understand the language better. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. Leer comentario completo

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The Wealth of English 3 The History of English and Sources of English Vocabulary 19 Morphology Analyzing Complex Words 41 Allomorphy 75 Phonetics 95 Regular Allomorphy Numeric Elements 113 Polysemy and Semantic Change 137 Usage and Variation 157 The Prehistory of English and the Other IndoEuropean Languages 189 Later Changes From Latin to French to English 207 Elements to Glosses 221 Glosses to Elements 249 Glossary 277 Further Reading and Research Tools 299 Index 305 Derechos de autor

MásLatin and Greek Morphology 173


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English Vocabulary Elements
Keith M. Denning,Brett Kessler,William Ronald Leben
Vista previa limitada - 2007
English Vocabulary Elements
Keith Denning,Brett Kessler,William R. Leben
Vista previa limitada - 2007
English Vocabulary Elements
Keith Denning,Brett Kessler,William R. Leben
Vista previa limitada - 2007
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ablaut acronym adjective affix allomorphs alveolar ancestor basic called classical Latin compound consonant Deletion derivational dictionary Element Chapter Element Gloss Source English vocabulary English words etymology following words fricative function G G G G L G G Source Germanic languages Gloss Source Examples Greek hypernym Indo-European languages laryngeal Latin and Greek Latin Vowel Weakening Latin words learned letters lexeme lexical linguistic literally manner of articulation meaning metaphor metonymy Middle English Modern English morph morpheme morphological component mouth nasal native Norse noun obstruents Old English oral stops original palate parse perfect participle phonetic place of articulation polysemy prefix produced pronounced pronunciation Proto-Indo-European refer root semantic change singular sound changes Source Element Source Gloss speak speech spelling stem suffix syllabic consonants syllable symbols tense thing tion tongue variation velar verb voiced voiceless Vowel Shift West Germanic languages word’s

Acerca del autor (2007)

Keith Denning was Professor of Linguistics at Eastern Michigan University until his death in 1998.
Brett Kessler is Assistant Professor of Psychology and of PNP (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology) at Washington University in St. Louis. William R. Leben is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University.

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Título English Vocabulary Elements Autores Keith Denning, Brett Kessler, William R. Leben, William Ronald Leben Edición ilustrada Editor Oxford University Press, USA, 2007 ISBN 019516802X, 9780195168020 Largo 320 páginas &nbsp &nbsp Exportar cita BiBTeX EndNote RefMan Acerca de Google Libros - Política de Privacidad - Condiciones de uso - Información para editores - Informar un problema - Ayuda - Página principal de Google