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Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures

Sally E. D. Wilkins Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002 - 325 páginas 3 Opiniones

From the beginning of time, humans have created and passed on to their children sports and games that teach skills, promote leisure, and encourage friendly competition. By studying these sports and games, we learn much about the culture and traditions of our ancestors. Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures focuses on those sports, games, and play rituals from across the globe that were invented and played during the time of the Middle Ages. Teachers, students, and sports enthusiasts will enjoy discovering the early origins of their favorite sports and games, and how they have evolved into the familiar versions of today. They will also learn about many games otherwise lost to history, and find instructions on how to adapt them for modern play.

As one of four books in the series Sports and Games Through History, it is divided into seven regions of the world including: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, North America, and Oceania. Each section describes sports, games, and play rituals for that region, and students can compare and contrast similar sports and games from different regions. Descriptions of equipment, with instructions on making or adapting the game pieces, are given for those students who would like to recreate the games for either multicultural assignments or for fun. This unique book belongs in every library's sports history and multicultural collections.

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It was an interesting book but it was boring in some parts of the book.

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

Great book in my opinion, it was really educating and helped me learn on the medieval times. It told me everything I wanted to know!

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Introduction 1 Africa 9 Asia 43 Europe 97 Latin America 151 Middle East 187 North America 225 Oceania 267 Appendix 293 Bibliography 301 Geographical Index 309 General Index 313 Derechos de autor

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Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures
Sally Wilkins
Sin vista previa disponible - 2002

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Africa ancient archers archery arrows Asia atlatl Aztec beans bone boomerang bows called camp-ball capture cards catch century chaah chaturanga chess Chinese circle color competition court darts developed diagonal dice disks divided dominos dough Europe European Figure flat foot four game played game was played ganjifa goal ground hands hnefatafl hole home row hoop horse inches index finger Inuit jump kabbadi karnoffel kichwa king kite land leather loop mancala marked match medieval Middle East modern nickernuts North America object opponent opposing piece painted pair Patolli pile pit games players took playing pieces popular race ring rolled runners score seeds shatranj shogi side sometimes spaces spears sport square stakes sticks stone string suit swords taekyon target target game throw thumb tossed turn variation village winner wood wooden wrestlers wrestling xiangqi

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Acerca del autor (2002)

SALLY WILKINS is a freelance writer and has contributed to Greenwood's Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia.

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Título Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures
Sports and games through history Autor Sally E. D. Wilkins Edición ilustrada Editor Greenwood Publishing Group, 2002 ISBN 0313317119, 9780313317118 Largo 325 páginas &nbsp &nbsp Exportar cita BiBTeX EndNote RefMan Acerca de Google Libros - Política de Privacidad - Condiciones de uso - Información para editores - Informar un problema - Ayuda - Página principal de Google