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Ferrari Formula One

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software Ferrari Formula One

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Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, PC-98
Published by
Electronic Arts, Inc.

Racing / Driving, Simulation
Vehicle Simulator
Automobile, Track Racing


With the full support of Scuderia Ferrari, Formula One racing was recreated in detail in this simulation, with the top drivers and teams of 1986 to compete against for the most successful F1 team of all. You job does not start at the racetrack; perfecting the car at the Maranello factory, in the wind tunnel to sort aerodynamics, and at the test track of Fiorano, is all required to get the most competitive car you can.

You can jump straight into the races however, either as one-offs or a full championship season. Races can last from 18km to the full 300+km distance, with all the practice and qualifying sessions. Car setup at the track involves selecting wing settings, tyre compounds, fuel usage (important in the days of turbocharged engines) and the like. The action is viewed from inside the cockpit, with rear-view mirrors to help prevent collisions.

From Original Entry

Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, PC-98
Vehicle Simulator
Racing / Driving, Simulation
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Automobile, Track Racing
Internet Archive Python library 0.7.5

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Reviewer: Apollo200 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 21, 2019
Subject: answers [] Reviewer: Coursef91 - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 22, 2017
Subject: CSR 2 - Good or worst Some previous text you want to get in on more than one place is going to be okay. So I'm going on the top of it going to take them out and don't like a rabbit, I'm going off the top of my head with these thoughts and ideas and things like that selections getting into a God so pros about CSR 2 is that great graphics right. It’s not one of the great like the one of the best graphics in app store right now for the recording is so nice so smooth now if you're on a newer phone then your graphics are going to be way better than people who has like no secure phones.

But yet but the graphics are still on pointing out of work for you have is still solid nice so another Pro is. I like how to have no a lot a lot of course I mean the gap more cars you know but is to have a decent amount of course in the game right now. And I know they're going to make more coordinate surprised you know if you're watching my video on those hidden corners of things like that they don't know a lot of course that they probably will be added two games because people got to the game quarterback.

But I'm yes I've noticed I like all the cards in the game, how they have the food tournaments and things like that they should have more tournaments though I like how you drunk lose now you have milestones and each time you would like a certain amount of prep for the crew get our reward. So that's called the whole crew can get it, I like that and yet you know but being the cruise a nice feeling know a good crew and even if you don't want to be in a surgical a serious crew to be like I just upper find your friends.

And it's just who approach is the storyline guys I'm so the storyline is good you know the atom new storyline and challenges anything like that you click on your icon. You know I like how you have the build of your way to see your five and you can beat the boss score. Now they do try to rip you off by saying fitness for you don't have to fit the freaking nitrous for when you can obviously are required to maximally max already a little bit the boss of another freaking might receive one freaking white raging right now. But I guess I like how to do that now do not too many clothes now on comcast how good a lot of them are first almost all about the freaking upgrades.

The customization are not that good you don't have to like you can add your own body kits to court you can add casual rains you can't add bumper you can't have like LED lights on about your car. You can do a lot of stuff customizations this sad because they have nice graphics great game but you can add customization like this that it hurts me aside they could do a lot of that with customization make nobody kisses of course gold in a certain amount of coal into a lot of things. But I don't want to go to a maybe the door future or depending on when we watching this video may be already getting about I don't know so that's another consult the next con is the hacking his game.

A while ago they start banning all of these hackers and things like that's what I was pretty good you know that was good but if you are still having people are doing exactly what to do not like crap alright requisite is crazy. So you're not gonna really do any tournaments or things like that like other terms or add like any crazy features sort of get the van assistant right because they are all these features in cars and customizations crap then our hackers is actually an instant getting this crap.

So they have to work on that first so that is a bad thing in the game you can easily hack in his game is number one single scrap and get so another concert this game is you can't it’s another con is it's farts again live with your friends and you can bring Mr. friends that easy like they need to make a feature like a racing driver was wearing.

You got friends right from the support you can go on your friends think and press join lobby or inviting lobby that will be cool because I can't play with my friends you know my friends want to play me the black widow spiders game white man week the only way you can join. Your friends if you don't have to have the same to your court never have the same upgrades or the same to something you can have the same car. Whatever just too freaking join the lobby and if you don't press it at the same time there's not a guarantee they'd all be the same lobbyists you got to keep backing out going in and is it not a guarantee that you're going to freaking go into match right now. Looking out the window is all persons forgets talking a little bit but yes we need to change that as another con about it.

Another con another con is the cars you know like other so I said the pro that they haven't like look at the amount of cars but economy that was in the mouth but meal they could get a little more. You know they have a little bit they are slacking of course there are slacking a little bit and they could improve the core is anything available have a second week including this for almost anything.

So that's another con John pick up the cons off my head will quickly and one more I could know lot of cons and pros and all that but another con is they don't ban right you know. They don't ban people right, if you didn't have like four Peru they need to check but before they started the band because I can't explain it, I'm already doing a video right now like trying like I'm telling sign out so that will come out there but they began with a Mac number. So now on so freaking improvements that they can make the game a lot better first off more customizations make three jumpers make body boarders Kravitz freaking idea spoilers. Maybe I'll better paying job makes your betters on your car decals metal gift to get better rims are you going to paint the rims all that crap man a ball of customizations get good graphics they could definitely do.

I don't know why maybe you're doing the future hopefully if they don't get us all freaking wrong with them and they make an order to do it they got always freaking clue championship are all the nice body kids are amazing. But you can't you can't even freaking in everybody gets another improvement we need friends or loved you making lobby straight lines we could play with friends now they can't really do that unless they change this happen. You know we need to play with friends you know that we fund Lego friends make alive any private lobbies or mean you know parody before maybe I'll make lobbies go play with your friends.

They'll be cool nice feature got to play with my friends or order with my crew and I don't bring out the same car seats here to sing to the same are described just get in the lobby and I guarantee you got to start shape. I said that so fast sorry forgive me I don't want to lose you need a friend we need to print thing more improvements more cars light like they have more cars in the game.

More tournaments and definitely have more 20 minutes more events and things like that in, guys so overall man the game is good definitely be like this get came out around like July or June. But have never yet like all July just thinking.


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