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Last Updated: June 4, 2012 6:56 PM

MINISTRY Is Back! 2012 WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival Appearance Confirmed - Aug. 7, 2011 The reactivated MINISTRY, SCORPIONS, HAMMERFALL, AMON AMARTH and GAMMA RAY are the newly confirmed bands for next year's edition of the Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 2-4, 2012 in Wacken, Germany. Also scheduled to appear are U.D.O. and CRADLE OF FILTH.

MINISTRY's "farewell" tour, the "C-U-LaTour", started its North American leg on March 26, 2008 and concluded in Chicago on May 12, 2008. The final date on the trek took place on July 18, 2008 at the Tripod in Dublin, Ireland. During the performance, MINISTRY mainman Al Jourgensen repeatedly reaffirmed that it would indeed be the last-ever MINISTRY show. Due to a large demand for tickets, an extra gig was added at the Tripod on July 19, 2008. "Adios... Puta Madres", a live album featuring material culled from MINISTRY's "final" tour, was released in 2009 on CD and DVD.

When asked in a 2007 interview prior to "C U LaTouR 2008" if there would ever be a big MINISTRY reunion in 15 years, Jourgensen said, "I don't think so, my friend. First of all, who am I gonna get to reunionize with? I'm the fucking band. So unless I make a reunion with myself… Whatever, no. I've got a lot of other stuff going on. Literally, I'm booked solid for the next 15 months. I know exactly what I'm doing for the next 15 months, plus I've got a record label [Thirteenth Planet Records], I've got a lot of other bands I need to baby-sit for. There would be no time, need, or inclination to every get some kind of redundancy going on."

Wacken Open Air was first held in 1990 as a small event for local German bands. By 1998 the event had become the major festival on the European metal calendar and has included over 70 bands from all over Europe, North America and Australia.

Wacken Open Air is usually held at the beginning of August and lasts three days, during which the festival-goers camp on several large camping grounds surrounding the actual festival area. The 70 or more bands perform across four separate stages over the course of the event.

The 2009 edition of Wacken Open Air set a sales record; it sold out on December 30, 2008. All 70,000 tickets were sold over 200 days before the start of the festival.

Wacken Open Air, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, was honored with a Live Entertainment Award in 2008 in the "Festival Of The Year" category. This award recognizes distinguished achievements in live entertainment and is given out by Live Entertainment Award (LEA) committee.

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COMMENT | Just like
posted by : aztec
8/7/2011 4:35:51 AM
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Bowie,Ozzy,Kiss and countless others.

Rate comment:   8 |  5 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : noneshallsurvive6
8/7/2011 4:50:20 AM
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Wacken just ended and their already announcing next years bands.....................really?

Rate comment:   4 |  3 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : Kinetic
8/7/2011 4:54:40 AM
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They do that every year.

Rate comment:   9 |  2 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : G R
8/7/2011 5:04:07 AM
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Rate comment:   1 |  9 Reply COMMENT | Seriously?
posted by : sickofdethbashing71
8/7/2011 5:12:58 AM
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Tell me who cares about Ministry anymore? Pure crap.

Rate comment:   2 |  28 Reply COMMENT | 'RE: Seriously?'
posted by : SOLA
8/7/2011 6:22:07 AM
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I do, and you're a f&cking moron!

Rate comment:   18 |  3 Reply COMMENT | 'RE: Seriously?'
posted by : john z
8/7/2011 10:18:40 AM
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I do and your post is pure crap.

Rate comment:   4 |  0 Reply COMMENT | This is swell and all, but...
posted by : Jaehaus
8/7/2011 5:22:56 AM
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....does everybody really need to pull all this "WE'RE RETIRING FOREVER" crap only to come back only a few years later? It's so old and predictably false that the only time I believe it is when someone dies....but even then....

Rate comment:   13 |  2 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : tsiemens
8/7/2011 6:39:41 AM
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Never heard that song the last sucker before, I like it, will have to check more of this band out

Rate comment:   2 |  2 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : Repner
8/7/2011 6:42:40 AM
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Didn't he go on a big rant about bands that did...this exact thing?

Rate comment:   3 |  1 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : satans-toupee
8/7/2011 6:48:14 AM
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Drug addicts always need MONEY.

Rate comment:   3 |  5 Reply COMMENT | Wow
posted by : Immortal_Chance
8/7/2011 7:05:31 AM
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That wasn't long at all. It is more like Ministry took a hiatus.

Rate comment:   6 |  1 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : cassirad
8/7/2011 7:21:18 AM
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Rate comment:   6 |  3 Reply COMMENT | Ministry's last 3 albums...
posted by : epac
8/7/2011 8:07:30 AM
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...(Houses of the Mole, Rio Grande Blood, The Last Sucker) were AWESOME.

I don't really care what Al's deal is (needs more $ for drugs, turning into Ki$$, etc). As long as he continues to put out quality music, I'm on board.

Rate comment:   12 |  2 Reply COMMENT | Addicts
posted by : extolthechrist
8/7/2011 8:09:56 AM
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You can't trust a word that comes out of a drug addict's mouth. That said, the one time I saw Ministry live (Lollapalooza), it was a madhouse. People throwing trash up in the air, mosh pits everywhere...intense show.

Rate comment:   6 |  1 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : TheEagle
8/7/2011 8:25:07 AM
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As much as I liked Ministry in the past, I dropped them long ago when Al proved himself to be like everyone else making it big in this business. He plays the same games they all play to try to get people back into them: retire, come back, new sub-par album and a few good motivations to go on tour again. These junkie rock stars just can't do anything else anyway so touring is what's calling for reunion shows and new albums.

Fuck it!

Rate comment:   2 |  4 Reply COMMENT | Lucky Germans..
posted by : Viscera606
8/7/2011 8:31:17 AM
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Rio Grande Blood and Last Sucker was some of their best work.

I wish Al would continue on maybe just as a studio project.

With all the shit in the world right now they'd have albums worth of material.

Rate comment:   5 |  3 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : Zambo
8/7/2011 8:32:04 AM
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Not surprised. I don't believe any retirements anymore.
I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a hiatus, and maybe he honestly thought Ministry was done with forever. But there's been enough bands that have done this already where they claim retirement only to come back.

It just makes you look bad to do this. He's probably running low on cash or something.

Rate comment:   1 |  2 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : RiotAct666
8/7/2011 8:54:06 AM
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Good to see them back.

Rate comment:   6 |  1 Reply COMMENT | Fucking Awesome!
posted by : DevilShark
8/7/2011 9:26:42 AM
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You can't keep a "bad man" down! Bring it ON!!!

Rate comment:   4 |  0 Reply COMMENT | ...
posted by : MrMoustache12
8/7/2011 9:46:09 AM
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Hopefully their live set will be more like the Houses of the Mole tour (fucking awesome) and not like the CULaTour (boring, washed-up, lame).

Rate comment:   3 |  1 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : Sadistikexekution
8/7/2011 9:53:39 AM
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A lot of drug dealers are in higher spirits right now!

Rate comment:   2 |  1 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : brucedickinsonstrousers
8/7/2011 9:54:03 AM
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This is awesome news. I am pumped. Ministry > your shitty band

Rate comment:   7 |  2 Reply COMMENT | WOW!!!!!
posted by : Neil Young's Cocaine Booger
8/7/2011 10:01:51 AM
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Does this mean he might go and make a great record that isn't Bush related?????

I know he can't possibly be pissed at his fellow Chicagoian Obama, right????

Rate comment:   3 |  0 Reply COMMENT | Skiwgaar Skiwgelf
posted by : Neil Young's Cocaine Booger
8/7/2011 10:07:06 AM
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And Skiwgaar Skiwgelf is a CARTOON character who likes elderly women.

Rate comment:   0 |  0 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : john z
8/7/2011 10:25:10 AM
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Can't keep a great band down for long,right? Knock Al all you want,but I'm sure at the time he did feel that Ministry was done.It was 4 yrs. ago when he said this,the 15 mths. is up.More Ministry please!!

Rate comment:   4 |  0 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : raymon
8/7/2011 10:39:01 AM
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Where is the North American version of Wacken?

Wacken should tour in North America.

Rate comment:   2 |  0 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : Detox
8/7/2011 11:48:02 AM
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Definately one of the worst bands with an Industrial crossover tag.

Rate comment:   0 |  8 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : lowend365
8/7/2011 12:37:16 PM
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To the outside observer it seems like they haven't been split up for very long, but ya got realize this has been four or five years of someone's personal life! Could you walk away from what he had and honestly say that you wouldn't miss it after that much time?

Rate comment:   1 |  0 Reply COMMENT | ####
posted by : pain 666
8/7/2011 2:29:40 PM
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i saw this coming in 2008 after their so called farewell tour. no body retires till they die, ozzy had a farewell tour in 1991, now ozzfest. they say 1 last show for now, 6 months from now they will start recording new material. all these farewell tours are just to suck people in "to see them 1 last time" i dont buy it anymore from anyband

Rate comment:   0 |  0 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : Shardz
8/7/2011 2:42:02 PM
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C'mon people, it could always be much worse. They could have announced Queensryche heading the show sponsored by Victoria's Secret.

Rate comment:   2 |  1 Reply COMMENT | This is hilarious....
posted by : doomsammitch
8/7/2011 2:53:56 PM
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After all of his anti-American politics and posturing he proves he's just another money grubbing bitch like the guys he always complained about.

Rate comment:   1 |  3 Reply COMMENT | 'RE: This is hilarious....'
posted by : son of spam
8/7/2011 5:31:25 PM
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Just like Michael Moore. He profits off the capitalist system he bashes.

Rate comment:   0 |  3 Reply COMMENT | 'RE: ''RE: This is hilarious....'''
posted by : SOLA
8/7/2011 5:52:51 PM
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The U.S. hasn't been a capitalist society in over 30 years. Privatizing profit and socializing loss (Bailouts see AIG, GM, JP Morgan etc..) doesn't sound like Capitalism to me, more like a Corporatocracy. Al was never bashing the US he was bashing Bush and his daddy, and time has proven him right.

Rate comment:   5 |  0 Reply COMMENT | Thats right don't show support.
posted by : muck9909
8/7/2011 6:01:45 PM
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If you're a fan of Ministry than you know it's not about money. AL is far from the mess that Ozzy is and the joke that KISS is. Al might have Paul Barker and Chris Connelly back. It's a one time show of them playing all of MINISTRY'S hits. Thats pretty awesome. Also before you beat the guy down, why don't read about how he almost died recently because of his past drug abuse he did to his body.
For the fuck head who said it's about drugs, Al has been off heroin for years. Maybe you should know Al before you judge the guy. His recent health scare has had him start to finish work on his side projects and he wants to bring MINISTRY back for the fans. To all the real MINISTRY fans this is for you and your years of support.

Rate comment:   5 |  0 Reply COMMENT | Big jump
posted by : inhalien
8/7/2011 6:36:17 PM
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I was in New York the summer of 1990 and my last Ministry album was Twitch. I picked this up and imagine my surprise! Just shows how Al progressed over the years from Waxtrax until now.

Rate comment:   1 |  0 Reply COMMENT | FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by : ExtremeNoiseTerrorist
8/7/2011 10:46:10 PM
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HUGE Ministry fan here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK ALIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rate comment:   2 |  0 Reply COMMENT | #
posted by : TheUncle
8/7/2011 10:49:39 PM
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never trust a junkie.

Rate comment:   2 |  1 Reply COMMENT | all the bitching people
posted by : mysterybug
8/8/2011 4:51:24 AM
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where do they all come from?

Fuck, I'm sure none of you have ever changed your minds about something. Ministry coming back is good news.

Rate comment:   3 |  0 Reply COMMENT | I love to do some Wackin' in the Open Air!!
posted by : BuddyBitch
8/8/2011 8:23:04 AM
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The cool breeze feels good on my balls.

Rate comment:   2 |  0 Reply COMMENT | Get back on smack and put out some decent shit again
posted by : D_F_F
8/8/2011 5:50:35 PM
Report Abuse
not surprised..ran out of cash from the shit-load of remix and live albums I guess.

Also..charging $100 for a VIP ticket on your "farewell tour" then not even coming out and signing autographs was horse shit..fuck you AL!

Rate comment:   0 |  0 Reply COMMENT | MAKE IT HEAVY
posted by : gtx405
8/24/2011 7:36:45 AM
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well,I get how this seems lame to some....couldn´t agree more regarding all those crappy remix albums....

but I think Al takes another REAL Ministry album seriously enough to look forward to it.....if you don´t , yr not a real fan.....

if the songs are worthy BRING IT ON can´t get any worse anyway....let him change his legacy back ....

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