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our grade B+ buy the CD! Store Name Store
Rating Price eBay $11.96 DVD Pacific $13.51 $13.97 See All Prices & Stores Artist / Band:  Tool
Record Label:  Volcano II
Release Date:  May 15, 2001

Our Review:
Okay, just call 'em the hard-rock version of Radiohead. It's not like Tool will listen anyway. This monstrous art-rock band has ignored pretty much every musical trend, cautiously releasing just three full-length albums over the span of a decade and getting progressively weirder (and garnering more respect) with each one. Lateralus takes the L.A. band over the edge with elongated musical movements that simmer under heavy-duty distortion, Middle Eastern percussion and freakish guitar-and-drum time signatures that will make musical mathematicians (i.e., prog-rock dorks) as excited as the kids in the mosh pit. And while creepy and cryptic frontman Maynard James Keenan has learned a thing or two about calming down via his work with last year's side project A Perfect Circle, he still knows how to bring the band to a boiling point with his pitch-perfect vocals.

Audio Clips:
The Grudge (RealAudio)
Schism (RealAudio)

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