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A Message from United Airlines CEO James E. Goodwin

"The thoughts and prayers of all of us at United are with the families and friends of those who were the victims of these unprecedented acts of terrorism. We are making every resource available at our company to assist the authorities with every aspect of their investigation of these criminal acts. Yesterday's unexpected chain of events has been devastating to all of us at United, to our nation and to people around the world.

"We will be working very hard in the days and weeks ahead to help the families cope with the trauma of these terrible tragedies. Our family care team employees will be assigned to the families for as long as is needed. These employees will provide the families with the latest information, assist with any financial or travel arrangements that may be needed, and respond to other family requests and needs. As a company, we will continue to hold all the victims and their families in our thoughts, in our prayers and in our hearts.

"We are also making every resource available at our company to assist all of the relevant authorities - including the FBI - with the ultimate goal of bringing to justice the individuals or organizations responsible for these horrific criminal acts. I encourage anyone with any information or tips to immediately contact the FBI at"


Other Important Information

As a reminder, the toll-free phone number for families in the US to call is 1-800-932-8555. International toll-free numbers are listed below.

  • Belgium: 027133646
  • China: 10800110008
  • France: 0169199659
  • Germany: 06966985407
  • Italy: 024829813
  • Japan: 00531114487
  • United Kingdom: 08458444777 or 02088227766
  • The Netherlands: 0202013708

For further information on flight operations, customers may contact United at:

  • United Automated Flight Information: 1-800-824-6200
  • United Reservations: 1-800-241-6522
  • United web site: (follow the instructions in the "Flight Status" box)

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