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Adams, D., (2005). NAU Report No. 1062. An Archaeological Evaluation at 17-27 Fishergate, Norwich, Norfolk. NAU Archaeology.

Title The title of the publication or report Title:NAU Report No. 1062. An Archaeological Evaluation at 17-27 Fishergate, Norwich, Norfolk Series The series the publication or report is included in Series:NAU Archaeology unpublished report series Downloads Any files associated with the publication or report that can be downloaded from the ADS Downloads: norfolka1-15734_1.pdf (3 MB) : Download DOI The DOI (digital object identifier) for the publication or report. DOI[] Publication Type The type of publication - report, monograph, journal article or chapter from a book Publication Type:Report (in Series) Abstract The abstract describing the content of the publication or report Abstract:In the spring of 2005, the Norfolk Archaeological Unit was commissioned by Ashgate Homes Ltd to evaluate a plot of land at 17-27 Fishergate, Norwich in advance of proposed redevelopment. The evaluation comprised three trenches, each 3m by 3m in plan, located to examine an area of c.500 sq. m. Significant archaeological remains were recorded in each of the evaluation trenches. The earliest occupation appears to date from the Late Saxon (10th to 11th-century) or Anglo-Norman (12th-century) periods, substantiated by post-holes, chalk surfaces and a beam-slot in Trench 3. During the 12th to 16th-centuries, surfaces and presumably associated buildings occupied the Fishergate street frontage, while in the space behind these buildings at the north of the site, perhaps within a yard, llarge pits of industrial/craft purpose were in use during the late medieval period (15th to early 16th-century). In the post-medieval period this space appears to have remained open, perhaps as a garden, whilst along the Fishergate frontage properties of 16th or 17th-century date fronted the street. These buildings survived, with some modification, until the plot was developed in the second half of the 20th century. The preservation of these archaeological remains can be qualified as good, with limited evidence of modern disturbance, truncation or contamination. Of particular note was the apparent absence of cellars along the street frontage with the potential for significant remains in this area to survive. The waterlogged anaerobic condition of the lowest archaeological remains preserved organic finds, indicated by the recovery of leather objects and ecofacts recorded by the environmental sampling. Small assemblages of late prehistoric worked flints and Early Saxon pottery and a single fragment of Roman tile were present as residual finds in later contexts. Year of Publication The year the book, article or report was published Year of Publication:2005 Locations Any locations covered by the publication or report. This is not the place the book or report was published. Locations:Site: 17-27 Fishergate, Norwich, Norfolk Parish: NORWICH District: NORWICH County: NORFOLK Country: England Grid Reference: 623230, 309120 (Easting, Northing) Locations Any locations covered by the publication or report. This is not the place the book or report was published. Subjects / Periods:Find: Animal Micro Remains Uncertain Find: Animal Remains Uncertain Find: Brick Medieval Find: Brick Post Medieval Find: Debitage Later Prehistoric Find: Mollusca Remains Uncertain Find: Pottery Early Medieval Find: Pottery Medieval Find: Pottery Post Medieval Find: Scraper Later Prehistoric Find: Shoe Medieval Monus: Animal Burial Post Medieval Monus: Beamslot Early Medieval Monus: Ditch Medieval Monus: Drain 20th Century Monus: Fireplace Post Medieval Monus: Floor Medieval Monus: Floor Post Medieval Monus: Pit Medieval Monus: Pit Post Medieval Monus: Post Hole Early Medieval Monus: Post Hole Medieval Monus: Stake Hole Post Medieval Monus: Wall Medieval Monus: Wall Post Medieval Identifiers Identifiers associated with the publication. These might include DOIs, site codes, Monument Identifiers etc. Identifiers:OASIS Id: norfolka1-15734 OBIB: Report No. 1062 Note Extra information on the publication or report. Note:A4, Ringbound Monograph, 4 colour plates Source Where the record has come from or which dataset it was orginally included in. Source:OASIS Related resources Other resources which are relevant to this publication or report Relations: Created Date The date the record of the pubication was first entered Created Date:23 Nov 2016 Location University of York Legal Statements | Website Terms and Conditions | Cookies | Privacy Policy Contact Us