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Article Service

Article Service

The following query pages provide access to articles that have been scanned by the ADS. If you want to access the fulltext of every article from a particular journal (including the recent electronic articles available from publisher’s web sites), please use the Journal/Volume/Page Query Page.

Please note that all articles are copyrighted by the publisher of the article. They can only be downloaded for personal use. Any commercial use or large-scale downloading is prohibited. Please see the Conditions of Use for more details.

We would like to acknowledge the many people and organizations that have helped with this project by donating extra volumes and by giving the ADS permission to scan their copyrighted material.

Acknowledgements We are grateful to a number of individuals and institutions who have donated hardcopies of journals for the purpose of scanning. The following is a (possibly incomplete) list of individuals who have made the most significant contributions:
  • Prof. Adriaan Blaauw (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Thomas Corbin (USNO, USA)
  • Prof. Hilmar Dürbeck (University of Münster, Germany)
  • Dr. Mike Dworetsky (University of London Observatory, United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Martin Elvis (CfA, USA)
  • Prof. Jonathan Grindlay (CfA, USA)
  • Prof. John Huchra (CfA, USA)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Kalkofen (CfA, USA)
  • Prof. David Latham (CfA, USA)
  • Prof. Robert Noyes (CfA, USA)
  • Dr. Francois Ochsenbein (CDS, France)
  • Prof. Wayne Osborn (Central Michigan University, USA)
  • Prof. William Press (CfA, USA)
  • Prof. Jean-René Roy (Université Laval, France)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Roemer (University of Arizona, USA)
  • Dr. Rudolph Schild (CfA, USA)
  • Prof. Fred Whipple (CfA, USA)
Among the list of librarians who have contributed extra copies of serials and monographs to our digitization effort, we would like to thank:
  • Elaine Adams (UCLA)
  • Liz Bryson (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope)
  • Donna Coletti (SAO/HCO Wolbach Library)
  • Brenda Corbin (US Naval Observatory)
  • Marlene Cummins (University of Toronto)
  • Amy Edmonds (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Edward Galloway (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Monique Gomez (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias)
  • Mary Guerrieri (National Optical Astronomy Observatories)
  • Deborah Kegel (UC San Diego)
  • Frances Knudson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Monica Marra (Université di Bologna)
  • Jill Postma (Adler Planetarium)
  • Steve Quillen (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
  • Sarah Stevens-Rayburn (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  • Jennifer van Sickle (Trinity College Library)

Scanned Journals Service: view and print scanned pages of journals digitized by ADS.

Scanned Proceedings Service: view and print scanned pages of conference proceedings digitized by ADS.

Scanned Bulletins and Observatory Publications Service: view and print scanned pages of Bulletins and Observatory Publications digitized by ADS.