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Strategic development

Please find below details of how OUP can support your journal development.

Management & development

Production services

Sales & marketing strategy

Author services

Librarian support

Customer services

Subscription management

Member benefits

Management & development

Our approach to journal management and development is comprehensive and customized to meet each society’s needs. We believe in open and transparent reporting and provide regular reports that cover:

  • production information and schedules,
  • sales reports,
  • online usage statistics,
  • content analysis,
  • feedback/results from marketing initiatives,
  • citation information,
  • reports on bulk reprint sales or supplements.

We develop trust and mutual understanding with our society partners through open discussions of each journal’s development and progress. We work closely with our society partners to establish clear objectives for each journal and work together to implement a plan to meet these.

Editorial office support

We can offer support and advice on a number of online submissions and peer review systems, including but not limited to ScholarOne and Editorial Manager.

Virtual Editorial Office

Our Virtual Editorial Office (VEO) comprises a team of freelance editorial assistants managed centrally by Oxford Journals. An assistant is assigned to each title, so that he or she can become familiar with the operations of that journal. The primary aim of the VEO is to relieve editors of the administration of the journal, thereby enabling them to focus on their editorial responsibilities. It also can enable a smooth transition between outgoing and incoming editors. At present, 36 of the journals on the Oxford Journals list use the VEO.

Oxford Journals days

We facilitate meetings between members of our partner societies, editors, and Oxford University Press staff. Our regular Oxford Journals ‘open days’ in the UK, US, and Asia encourage discussion of the key issues affecting journals publishing through a programme of topical presentations and workshops.

Production services

Oxford Journals production aims to achieve the fastest publication times and most cost-effective processes, without sacrificing quality. We continually review and improve our services for authors, readers, editors, and societies, in order to offer the best publishing options for all titles.

Our commitment to quality

Maintaining the highest level of quality is a non-negotiable part of our service. All technological innovations, workflow developments, and cost efficiencies are undertaken with quality in mind. We track and regularly report on our performance to ensure that we maintain and improve on our high standards.

A cost-effective approach

Oxford Journals uses economies of scale to achieve highly competitive pricing on all aspects of outsourced work, including copyediting, typesetting, manufacturing, and distribution. We are proud of the professional relationships we have fostered with our suppliers and monitor their performance on a regular basis.

Ensuring speed and timeliness

We offer rapid online publication models, referred to as ‘Advance Access’, so that articles are published to the highest standards in the fastest time (targets of four weeks for the final article version and less than one week for unedited accepted manuscript format). Our streamlined in-house workflows and excellent business relationships enable us to ensure consistently high performance across the board.

Continuous service improvement

Oxford Journals prides itself on being at the forefront of technology and systems development. Our production department uses a bespoke tracking system that allows production staff to monitor the performance of titles at a detailed level and identify areas for improvement.

We are committed to offering all of our authors the best possible publishing experience and routinely send out surveys to authors upon publication of an article to gather feedback on the service that we provide. We can make the results of these surveys available to you upon request.

Sales & marketing strategy

Partnering with Oxford Journals guarantees the highest level of sales and marketing for your journal to ensure unparalleled global reach, usage, and visibility.

Marketing strategy

At Oxford Journals, we understand that not all journals have the same requirements. You could be looking to penetrate new markets, or maximize current ones. Perhaps you would like to grow your membership base, target a new market sector, or encourage papers from key authors in a particularly hot research area.

To address these diverse needs, we focus our approach on understanding the unique objectives of your journal, then putting into place strategic, customized marketing plans to support its development. Our teams harness the full suite of marketing tools, including:

  • email and web marketing,
  • conference displays,
  • direct mail outreach,
  • publicity campaigns,
  • telemarketing.

Sales support

Whatever your requirements, our experienced sales teams will work with you to ensure your journal reaches its full potential. We achieve this through a multi-channel sales approach that comprises:

  • Consortia and rights: with online journals increasingly being purchased through consortia licenses involving groups of libraries, our dedicated team can ensure maximum dissemination and revenue.
  • Advertising: we have an outstanding track record for increasing advertising sales for our journals.
  • Special sales: non-subscription revenues are increasingly important to journals, and it is our priority to maximize the revenue from reprints, supplements, translations, and bulk subscriptions.

Global reach

An in-depth understanding of the global markets in which we operate informs everything we do. Our experienced teams across the world pool market intelligence to understand and meet the needs of each specific market and inform our sales and marketing efforts on a global scale.

Author services

At Oxford Journals, we understand the importance of attracting the best authors, and we ensure the level of service required to achieve this. We work with each society and editorial team to understand and meet the needs of your specific authors. This can include:

  • online submission/copyright processing,
  • rapid publication,
  • proofs by email,
  • publishing ahead of print.

Reader engagement

Our primary objective is to develop the highest quality product for your readers, both in printand online. We maximize your visibility and readership through a variety of channels, ranging from traditional subscriptions to online access via intermediaries and consortia arrangements.

Librarian support

Librarians are key decision makers in subscription purchasing and retention. To meet their specific needs, we provide ongoing support and a wide range of subscription options. In addition to traditional models, we offer flexible journal access through a variety of channels.

Customer services

Our dedicated departments take on all customer service and order processing responsibilities. Member services representatives liaise with societies to keep their member lists up to date and routinely deal with queries regarding customer subscriptions, missing issues, online queries, and payments on orders. We have dedicated customer service departments in our US, UK, and Tokyo offices.

Subscription management

The subscriptions departments in our US and UK offices share a common Oxford Journals subscription system that provides convenient and efficient service to subscribers worldwide. To ensure that societies and subscribers receive consistent service, these departments handle all aspects of the subscription process, including:

  • receiving orders,
  • processing payments,
  • managing print and online subscriptions for individual and institutional subscribers,
  • keeping mailing lists up to date,
  • ensuring orders are processed for single and replacement copies,
  • sending mailing labels to printer.

Member benefits

We draw on our broad experience as a society journal publisher to provide a full range of services for your members that can include:

  • user-friendly online access to your journal,
  • exclusive online features and functionality,
  • attractive discounts on Oxford University Press books,
  • a subscriber helpline to handle queries and problems.


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