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JMU Courses of L.S. Fichter

Courses and Course Web Sites of L.S. Fichter
at James Madison University

     The courses I teach, and their normal rotation times. I am creating course web pages for each class as they come up in the rotation. Clicking on those that are linked will take you to the course web page containing a syllabus, sample tests, and other supporting material for the course.

Course Number and Name

GenSci 102: Environment Earth
Geology 200: Evolutionary Systems    (Note that although this has a geology number it is not a course in geology. It is an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary study of complex evolutionary systems: physical, chemical, biological, economic, etc. using theories in chaos, complexity, and Artificial Life.)
Geology 230: Evolution of the Earth
Geology 364: Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis
Bio/Geo 350: Invertebrate Paleontology
Geology 405: Vertebrate Paleontology
Geology 415: Geological Evolution of North America
Geology 491: Geological Literature Research-pdf
Honors 200B: Evolution of the Brain and Intelligence-pdf

Typical Rotation Times

Most but not all semesters
Every spring, moving to every semester

Every Spring
Every Fall
Alternate Springs - even years
Alternate Springs - odd years
Alternate Falls - odd years



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