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CiteSeerX — A simple algebraic representation of Rijndael

A simple algebraic representation of Rijndael (2001)


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by Niels Ferguson , Richard Schroeppel , Doug Whiting Citations: 32 - 0 self


    author = {Niels Ferguson and Richard Schroeppel and Doug Whiting},
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We show that there is a very straightforward closed algebraic formula for the Rijndael block cipher. This formula is highly structured and far simpler then algebraic formulations of any other block cipher we know. The security of Rijndael depends on a new and untested hardness assumption: it is computationally infeasible to solve equations of this type. The lack of research on this new assumption raises concerns over the wisdom of using Rijndael for security-critical applications.


simple algebraic representation    algebraic formulation    rijndael block cipher    untested hardness assumption    block cipher    algebraic formula    new assumption    security-critical application

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