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Abbreviations used with the  cat

These abbreviations are taken from: Berman, AL (1968) The Brain Stem of the Cat. A Cytoarchitectonic Atlas with Stereotaxic Coordinates and Berman AL, Jones EG (1982) The Thalamus and Basal Telencephalon of the Cat. A Cytoarchitectonic Atlas with Stereotaxic Coordinates, Madison WI, University of Wisconsin Press.

3 oculomotor nucleus 3N oculomotor nerve 4 trochlear nucleus 4N trochlear nerve 4X trochlear decussation 5M motor trigeminal nucleus 5MD motor trigeminal nucleus, dorsal division 5ME mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus 5MET mesencephalic trigeminal tract 5MT motor trigeminal tract 5MV motor trigeminal nucleus, ventral division 5N trigeminal nerve 5P principal sensory trigeminal nucleus 5PD principal sensory trigeminal nucleus, dorsal division 5PV principal sensory trigeminal nucleus, ventral division 5SL laminar spinal trigeminal nucleus 5SL1 laminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, superficial layer 5SL2 laminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, intermediate layer 5SL3 laminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, deep layer 5SM alaminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, magnocellular division 5SP alaminar spinal trigeminal nucleus, parvocellular division 5ST spinal trigeminal tract 6 abducens nucleus 6N abducens nerve 7 facial nucleus 7G genu of the facial nerve 7L facial nucleus, lateral division 7M facial nucleus, medial division 7N facial nerve 8N stato-acoustic nerve 10N vagus nerve 12 hypoglossal nucleus 12L hypoglossal nucleus, lateral division 12M hypoglossal nucleus, medial division 12N hypoglossal nerve AAA anterior amygdaloid area ABL basolateral amygdaloid nucleus ABM basomedial amygdaloid nucleus AC anterior commissure ACC nucleus accumbens ACE central amygdaloid nucleus ACN nucleus of the anterior commissure ACOA anterior cortical nucleus of the amygdala ACOP posterior cortical nucleus of the amygdala AD anterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus AF Ammon's formation AH anterior hypothalamic nucleus AHY adenohypophysis AIN intercalated cells of the amygdala ALA lateral amygdaloid nucleus AM anteromedial nucleus of the thalamus AMB nucleus ambiguus AME medial amygdaloid nucleus AMG amygdaloid complex AMH amygdalo-hippocampal area AOB nucleus of the accessory optic tract, basal division AOD nucleus of the accessory optic tract, dorsal division AOL nucleus of the accessory optic tract, lateral division AOLB accessory olfactory bulb AOT accessory optic tract AP area postrema AQ aqueduct AV anteroventral nucleus of the thalamus BC brachium conjunctivum BCM marginal nucleus of the brachium conjunctivum BCX decussation of the brachium conjunctivum BIC brachium of the inferior colliculus BIN nucleus of the brachium of the inferior colliculus BP brachium pontis C cerebral cortex CA caudate nucleus CAE nucleus coeruleus CAM cornu Ammonis CB cerebellar cortex CBL lateral cerebellar nucleus CBM medial cerebellar nucleus CC corpus callosum CCC central commissural complex CD dorsal cochlear nucleus CD1 dorsal cochlear nucleus, ependymal layer CD2 dorsal cochlear nucleus, molecular layer CD3 dorsal cochlear nucleus, pyramidal layer CD4 dorsal cochlear nucleus, polymorph layer CE central canal CGL cochlear granular layer CHP choroid plexus CI inferior central nucleus CL claustrum CLN central lateral nucleus CM centre median nucleus CMN central medial nucleus CN cochlear nerve CNF cuneiform nucleus CS superior central nucleus CUC cuneate nucleus, caudal division CUR cuneate nucleus, rostral CVA anteroventral cochlear nucleus CVP posteroventral cochlear nucleus CX external cuneate nucleus D nucleus of Darkschewitsch DB nucleus of the diagonal band DBH nucleus of the diagonal band of Broca, horizontal division DBV nucleus of the diagonal band of Broca, vertical division DCH dorsal chiasmatic nucleus DG dentate gyrus DH dorsal hypothalamic nucleus DMH dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus DMV dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus DR dorsal nucleus of the raphe DRL dorsal nucleus of the raphe, lateral division DRM dorsal nucleus of the raphe, median division EC external capsule EN entopeduncular nucleus ENT entorhinal cortex ENTL lateral entorhinal area ENTM medial entorhinal area EW Edinger-Westphal nucleus F fornix FAC fasciola cinerea FC commissure of the fornix FF nucleus of the fields of Forel FI fimbria FTC central tegmental field FTG gigantocellular tegmental field FTL lateral tegmental field FTM magnocellular tegmental field FTP paralemniscal tegmental field GP globus pallidus GRC gracile nucleus, caudal division GRR gracile nucleus, rostral division HAA anterior hypothalamic area HC habenular commissure HDA dorsal hypothalamic area HL lateral habenular nucleus HLA lateral hypothalamic area HM medial habenular nucleus HPA posterior hypothalamic area IC internal capsule ICA interstitial nucleus of Cajal ICC central nucleus of the inferior colliculus ICO commissure of the inferior colliculi ICP pericentral nucleus of the inferior colliculus ICX external nucleus of the inferior colliculus IF interfascicular nucleus IFC infracerebellar nucleus IFT infratrigeminal nucleus IN nucleus interpositus INA nucleus interpositus, anterior division INC nucleus incertus INF infundibular nucleus INP nucleus interpositus, posterior division INT nucleus intercalatus IO inferior olive IOD dorsal accessory nucleus of the inferior olive IOM medial accessory inferior olive IOMC medial accessory inferior olive, caudal division IOMR medial accessory inferior olive, rostral division IOP principal nucleus of the inferior olive IPA apical interpeduncular nucleus IPC central interpeduncular nucleus IPI posterior interpeduncular nucleus, inner division IPO posterior interpeduncular nucleus, outer division IPP paramedian interpeduncular nucleus ISC island of Calleja ITP nucleus of the inferior thalamic peduncle IVF interventricular foramen KF Kolliker-Fuse nucleus LC central linear nucleus LCN lateral cervical nucleus LD lateral dorsal nucleus LGD dorsal nucleus of the lateral geniculate body LGI medial interlaminar nucleus LGL laminar dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus LGLA lamina A LGLA1 lamina A1 LGLC laminae C, C1, C2, and C3 LGV ventral lateral geniculate nucleus LLD dorsal nucleus of the lateral lemniscus LLV ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus LOT nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract LOTR lateral olfactory tract LP lateral posterior complex LR rostral linear nucleus LRI lateral reticular nucleus, internal division LRX lateral reticular nucleus, external division LV lateral ventricle M nucleus of Martin MA anterior mamillary nucleus MD mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus MEL medial lemniscus MGD dorsal medial geniculate nucleus MGM magnocellular medial geniculate nucleus MGP principal medial geniculate nucleus ML lateral mamillary nucleus MLB medial longitudinal bundle MLX decussation f the medial lemniscus MM medial mamillary nucleus MP premamillary nucleus MS supramamillary nucleus MT mamillothalamic tract MV medioventral nucleus of the thalamus NHY neurohypophysis OAD anterior olfactory nucleus, dorsal division OAL anterior olfactory nucleus, lateral division OAM anterior olfactory nucleus, medial division OAP anterior olfactory nucleus, posterior division OAV anterior olfactory nucleus, ventral division OAX anterior olfactory nucleus, external division OC optic chiasm OLB olfactory bulb OLB1 olfactory bulb, layer of olfactory nerve fibers OLB2 olfactory bulb, glomerular layer OLB3 olfactory bulb, external plexiform layer OLB4 olfactory bulb, mitral cell layer OLB5 olfactory bulb, internal plexiform layer OLB6 olfactory bulb, granule cell layer OLB7 olfactory bulb, periventricular layer OLT olfactory tubercle OLV olfactory ventricle ON optic nerve OR optic radiation OT optic tract OTN nucleus of the optic tract P pyramidal tract PAC paracentral nucleus PAG periaqueductal gray PAH paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus PAM periamygdaloid area PARA anterior paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus PARP posterior paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus PASB parasubicular cortex PAT parataenial nucleus PBG parabigeminal nucleus PC posterior commissure PCN nucleus of the posterior commissure PEG perigeniculate nucleus PEH periventricular complex of the hypothalamus PF parafascicular nucleus PGD pontine gray, dorsolateral division PGL pontine gray, lateral division PGM pontine gray, medial division PGR pontine gray, rostroventral division PH nucleus praepositus hypoglossi PIN pineal body PNR posterior nucleus of Rioch PO posterior complex POI posterior complex of the thalamus, intermediate region POL posterior complex of the thalamus, lateral region POM posterior complex of the thalamus, medial region PON preolivary nucleus PP pes pedunculi PPR postpyramidal nucleus of the raphe PR paramedian reticular nucleus PRPA anterior prepiriform area PRPP posterior prepiriform area PSB presubicular cortex PTA anterior pretectal nucleus PTM medial pretectal nucleus PTP posterior pretectal nucleus PU putamen PUL pulvinar nucleus PVH parvocellular hypothalamic nucleus PX pyramidal decussation R red nucleus RB restiform body RE reticular complex of the thalamus RF retroflex bundle RFN retrofacial nucleus RGL granular layer of the raphe RH rhomboid nucleus RM red nucleus, magnocellular division RP red nucleus, parvocellular division RR retrorubral nucleus RT retrotrigeminal nucleus S solitary tract SA stria acustica SAG nucleus sagulum SB subiculum SC superior colliculus SCC commissure of the superior colliculi SCD superior colliculus, deep layer SCH suprachiasmatic nucleus SCI superior colliculus, intermediate layer SCO subcommissural organ SCS superior colliculus, superficial layer SFN septofimbrial nucleus SFO subfornical organ SG substantia gelatinosa SGL subependymal granular layer SGN suprageniculate nucleus SI substantia innominata SL lateral nucleus of the solitary tract SLN lateral septal nucleus SM medial nucleus of the solitary tract SMN medial septal nucleus SMT stria medullaris thalami SMX supramamillary decussation SNC substantia nigra, compact division SNL substantia nigra, lateral division SNR substantia nigra, reticular division SOC supraoptic commissure SOJ septo-olfactory junction SOL lateral nucleus of the superior olive SOM medial nucleus of the superior olive SON supraoptic nucleus SPF subparafascicular nucleus ST nucleus of the stria terminalis STL nucleus of the stria terminalis, lateral division STM nucleus of the stria terminalis, medial division STN triangular septal nucleus STR stria terminalis SUB subthalamic nucleus SUM submedial nucleus T nucleus of the trapezoid body TAD accessory dorsal tegmental nucleus TB trapeziod body TCA area of the tuber cinereum TDC dorsal tegmental nucleus, central division TDP dorsal tegmental nucleus, pericentral division TM tuberomamillary nucleus TRC tegmental reticular nucleus, central division TRP tegmental reticular nucleus, pericentral division TT taenia tecta TV ventral tegmental nucleus TX tegmental decussations V3 third ventricle V4 fourth ventricle VA ventroanterior nucleus VB ventrobasal complex VBA ventrobasal complex, arcuate nucleus VBX ventrobasal complex, external nucleus VH ventral horn VIN inferior vestibular nucleus VL ventrolateral complex VLD lateral vestibular nucleus, dorsal division VLV lateral vestibular nucleus, ventral division VM ventromedial complex of the thalamus VMB basal ventromedial nucleus of the thalamus VMH ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus VMN medial vestibular nucleus VMP principal ventromedial nucleus of the thalamus VN vestibular nerve VSL superior vestibular nucleus, lateral division VSM superior vestibular nucleus, medial division VSN superior vestibular nucleus VTA ventral tegmental area of Tsai ZI nucleus of the zona incerta