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On Brill Online Books and Journals, library administrators can

  • manage their institution's details
  • manage IP ranges and library administrator username & password
  • upload a library/institution's logo
  • download usage statistics
  • manage Brill Title Select orders
  • download the Marc Files for their Brill e-book collections
  • connect the institution's database or catalogue to this platform (openURL)
  • connect this platform to an aggregator's database
  • download KBART Journals File
  • download KBART Books File
  • SUSHI Tools: []
  • SUSHI Brill User Guide: Brill_SUSHI-User-Guide_May_2016.pdf

For more information about the Administration page, please visit the Help page.

E-Book Collections

Brill offers E-Book Collections and E-Book Series. E-Book Collections are offered by subject and copyright year. E-Book Series collections give access to all titles published within a book series. For more information, please visit:


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