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AmiGO 2: Term Details for "extracellular space" (GO:0005615)

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extracellular space

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extracellular space
intercellular space
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That part of a multicellular organism outside the cells proper, usually taken to be outside the plasma membranes, and occupied by fluid. Source: ISBN:0198547684
Note that for multicellular organisms, the extracellular space refers to everything outside a cell, but still within the organism (excluding the extracellular matrix). Gene products from a multi-cellular organism that are secreted from a cell into the interstitial fluid or blood can therefore be annotated to this term.
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Parents of extracellular space (GO:0005615)
subjectrelationobjectextracellular space  is_a  cellular anatomical entity (GO:0110165) extracellular space  BFO:0000050  extracellular region (GO:0005576)
Children of extracellular space (GO:0005615)
subjectrelationobjectblood microparticle (GO:0072562)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space interleukin-12 complex (GO:0043514)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space interleukin-23 complex (GO:0070743)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space plasma lipoprotein particle (GO:0034358)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space interleukin-35 complex (GO:0070745)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space ferric triacetylfusarinine C import into cell (GO:0015686)  RO:0002231  extracellular space CNTFR-CLCF1 complex (GO:0097059)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space intercellular transport (GO:0010496)  RO:0002342  extracellular space CRLF-CLCF1 complex (GO:0097058)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space interleukin-27 complex (GO:0070744)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space classical-complement-pathway C3/C5 convertase complex (GO:0005601)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space larval serum protein complex (GO:0005616)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space extracellular exosome (GO:0070062)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space complement component C1 complex (GO:0005602)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space insulin-like growth factor binding protein complex (GO:0016942)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space fibrinogen complex (GO:0005577)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space reelin complex (GO:0110157)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space inhibin complex (GO:0043511)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space immunoglobulin complex, circulating (GO:0042571)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space bursicon neuropeptide hormone complex (GO:0031395)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space activin complex (GO:0048180)  BFO:0000050  extracellular space