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Israel Union List - Basic Search

The National Library of Israel

Israel Union List - Full Database  When searching with "System Number" as a search field, enter a numeric value only.

Basic Search

Examples & Tips: Title starting with...
  • contract law
  • מגמות
  • הומור ואישיות
  • Word order matters; enter beginning of title.
  • Do NOT include initial articles, such as a, ה, and the
Examples & Tips: Author starting with...
  • last name first
  • Word order matters; last name must be entered first.
  • shakespeare william
  • ברק אהרון
  • american accounting association
Examples: Subject starting with...
  • bioethics
  • rabin yitzhak
  • industrial policy - united states
Examples & Tips: Words Anywhere
  • Enter unique words from the title, subject or certain notes fields, such as Table of Contents or Publisher.
  • Truncation (* or ?) can be used to complete terms.
    e.g. ethic* finds: ethics, ethica, ethical
  • When in doubt, truncate.
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