Ministry of Education and Training (Pakistan)

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The Ministry of Education and Training of Pakistan is a federal/provincial ministry of the Government of Pakistan.[1] The ministry's political figure is known as Education Minister of Pakistan.

The department’s main responsibilities include creating policies, plans and programs to ensure the accessibility and availability of education in Pakistan. It is also a provider of many technical, vocational and professional skills and training that are needed to satisfy the national and international standards of the employment market.[2] It works in collaboration with other ministries and organizations by sponsoring students, distributing scholarships and conducting multiple training sessions. Sub-departments under the ministry of Education and Training include: National Vocational and Technical Training Commission, National Commission for Human Development, National Education Founding, National Education Assessment System etc.[2]

Overview of student numbers

Percentage of Students by Level of Education[citation needed]
Students Percentage %
Preprimary 7,547,470 20.9
Primary 17,806,488 49.3
Middle Elementary 5,566,186 15.4
Secondary 2,508,644 6.9
Higher Secondary 902,821 2.5
Post Secondary 1,765,828 95.1
Total 36,097,437 100