List of war deities

Kartikeya, the Hindu god of war
Mars, the Roman god of war

A war deity is a god or goddess in mythology associated with war, combat or bloodshed. They occur commonly in both monotheistic and polytheistic religions.

Unlike most gods and goddesses in polytheistic religions, monotheistic deities have traditionally been portrayed in their mythologies as commanding war in order to spread their religion. (The intimate connection between "holy war" and the "one true god" belief of monotheism has been noted by many scholars; including Jonathan Kirsch in his book God Against The Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism and Joseph Campbell in The Masks of God, Vol. 3: Occidental Mythology.) [1][2]

The following is a partial list of war deities.

African mythology

Armenian mythology

Aztec mythology

Berber mythology

Celtic mythology

Chinese mythology

Continental Germanic mythology

Egyptian mythology

Sekhmet, Egyptian warrior goddess

Etruscan mythology

Greek mythology

Hawaiian mythology


Durga slays the buffalo demon

Hittite mythology

Hungarian mythology

Japanese mythology

Lusitanian mythology

Inanna, Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love, fertility and war

Māori mythology

Maya mythology

Mesopotamian mythology

Mongolian shamanism

Native American mythology

Norse mythology

Nuristani mythology

Paleo-Balkan mythology

Polynesian mythology

Roman mythology

Semitic mythology

Slavic mythology