List of active Republic of China Navy ships

This is an incomplete list of the ships of the Republic of China Navy sorted by type and class.

ROCN also avoids giving ships hull numbers that adds up or ends at "4", as the Chinese pronunciation of the number 4 is close to the pronunciation of "death". This numbering scheme is more apparent on newer acquired ships.

Note: The ROCN generally uses hull classification symbols similar to the U.S. system with some changes. The proper classification is provided when known.


Kee Lung (Kidd class)


Chi Yang class frigate (Knox class)

Decommissioned U.S. Navy FF's transferred to Taiwan and further upgraded.

ROCS Cheng Kung and ROCS Chi Kuang

Cheng Kung class frigate (Oliver Hazard Perry class)

Built in Taiwan under license.

ROCS Kang Ding with S-70C helicopter

Kang Ding class frigate (La Fayette class)

Purchased from France in the early 1990s.

Patrol combatants

Long Chiang class patrol boat

Ching Chiang class patrol ship

Locally designed and built.

Hai Ou class missile boats at Tamsui.

Hai Ou class missile boat (Dvora class)

50 built, less than 40 in service, will be replaced by Kung Hua VI project missile boats.

PCL class offshore patrol craft

9 locally designed and built. 143 tons fully load, 1x40 mm, 2x12.7 mm MG, 2x1 DC racks

Kung Hua VI class missile boat

Prototype and 30 built; Last batch delivered to ROCN on October, 2011

Mine warfare

Yung Yang class minesweeper (Aggressive class)

Amphibious warfare

Hsu Hai class dock landing ship (Anchorage class)

Chung Ho class tank landing ship (Newport class)


Hai Shih class submarine (Tench class)

World War II era submarines that were upgraded under GUPPY II program.

Hai Lung class submarine (Zwaardvis class)

Purchased from the Netherlands in the mid 1980s.

Support ships

ROCS Yuen Feng

Yuen Feng class transport

Wu Yi class fast combat support ship

Pan Shi class fast combat support ship

Decommissioned ships

Chao Yang class destroyer (Gearing class)

World War II era DDs later upgraded to DDGs. All ships in this class were retired by 2005. [1]

Wu Chin I Batch: (Retired in 1980s-1990s)

Wu Chin II Batch: (Retired in late 1990s)

Wu Chin III Batch: (Retired in 2003-2004)

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